Richard Heart is a force for good.

I was born into a poor family in a poor neighborhood. It sucked getting made fun of for using free lunch vouchers at school. Being a racial minority at school also came with its own challenges. Getting jumped was no fun, but that happened in and out of school.

Working with my dad delivering newspapers and fixing air conditioners was a great experience. The sleep deprivation of starting work at 2 am made the alcohol and drug addiction of the people you worked with seem less serious. Fixing air conditioners in the Florida summer is always fun, because, first you're going someplace the air conditioning is broken. And second, you're likely to climb into the attic or the roof where it's hotter, to endure the tar or fiberglass while the sweat keeps stinging your eyes.

My parents were and are the best I could have ever hoped for. My mother's mental illness and disability rarely impacted her awesomeness.

I raised $27,000,000 for medical research associated with the world's largest free airdrop of coins through I founded HEX.COM which went up in price 10,000x and many claimed it for free. I also predicted the Bitcoin price tops in 2017 and 2021. I warned people not to put coins in Celsius, and BlockFi, or FTX for years before they all went bankrupt.

Watch me install a Bidet for my mom

Richard Heart makes
the world a better place.
I do more to prevent scams and improve the lives of other people than most do. For instance, which of these topics have you, or anyone you know made a video on? How many years have they been getting views?

· Find agreement in politics
· Stop gambling and trading
· Getting more people to make positive videos
· Stop gaming
· Start a business
· Reducing military spending
· Fix schools
· Fix democracy
· Give better apologies
· Do what you already know you should
· Prevent hangovers
· Promote medical research
· Be disciplined
· Be happy
· Quit after a win for happiness
· Focus on that which empowers you

I appeared on various TV programs: RT Television, Keiser Report, CNBC Africa, Link Up TV

Interview on how I got my start: Richard Heart History

Some cool stuff I got people to do

· Mint millions of dollars of free money exclusively for Bitcoin holders, by inventing HEX, which holders of over a collective 300,000 BTC minted for free.

· Mint even more millions in free money by getting people to use Uniswap early, qualifying them for their free airdrops.

· Stop trading as the vast majority of traders lose money, and they lose far more than the winners win.

· Take control of their own keys so centralized exchanges can't rob them and use decentralized exchanges that remove counterparty risk instead.

· Use software that has been audited for security to keep their money safe.

· Appreciate that even the largest cryptocurrency prices dip 85% - 98% sometimes.

In 2017 I predicted that Bitcoin would reach $20,000 when it was only $5,000 and I called the Bitcoin top at $20,000. In 2019 I also predicted that Bitcoin would reach $60,000. I called the top on Bitcoin at $65,000 on the day, warned everyone about the Ethereum top, and reminded everyone that the ETH top came 27 days after the Bitcoin top last time. And indeed, it happened again.

I try to spend my time making people's lives better. I produce free videos, free chat rooms, free coins, and free SciVive personal development books. I try to get people to stop drinking, smoking, gaming, and gambling and invest in medical research. My oldest videos show what I really care about. These have been getting views for years and helped quite a few people. Evergreen content is cool.
I receive sincere thanks from multiple people every day for changing their life meaningfully. I've gotten thousands of people to stop gambling, trading, drinking, playing intensive grinding video games. My free self-help YouTube channel, and free self-help books have made a massive impact on people's lives. I even put up a testimonials page for some of the people brought to tears by what HEX did for them.
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